Summer Shredding 12 Week Workout Program

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Introducing the 12-week Summer Shredding Program. This program is split into three phases and is designed to build muscle mass whilst shedding fat. I've included some of my favourite exercises which i've used over the years to build my physique. This program is designed for intermediate lifters who are looking to ramp up the intensity and develop their physique.

Workout Phases: 

Weeks 1-4 - The Bro Split:

This phase is designed to introduce you to the program and stimulate muscle growth through lots of sets and reps. This phase features a variety of both compound and isolation movements to target the whole body. Cardio is also included here to ensure you are becoming athletic whilst piling on the muscle mass. 

Weeks 5-8: Compound Movements: 

Weeks 5-8 are designed to emphasise compound movement training. We reduce the reps slightly and concentrate on lifting heavy with optimal form. We focus here on gaining strength, which will then translate to muscular hypertrophy in the final phase. 


Weeks 9-12: Pure Hypertrophy & Endurance: 

This final phase of the workout program will put together everything you've been practicing over the past 8 weeks and come together to focus on hypertrophy and endurance. By this point, you will have gained muscle and strength and will see visible improvements in your physique. This is the most intense phase, but also the most results-driven. 


And that's it! You can repeat the workout program to continue getting results in the gym.